Breaking the mould

Faulkner Moulds move into new markets with the help of a PAPI grant

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Faulkner Moulds are a plastic injection mould toolmaker and product designer based in West Yorkshire. They manufacture large steel mould tools, which are used to create plastic components. The company, which was founded in 2003, has designed and created tooling for world-first and award-winning products in a range of sectors including medical, industrial, electronic and automotive.


In 2019, the company identified the need for the new machinery after they began developing new products for the packaging and medical sector. They completed feasibility work by creating a specialised tooling solution which was so successful that it won them a national award. Their research also demonstrated a clear market for the innovative use of wire erosion within the tool making industry. However, in order to provide cost-effective and quality products, they needed to significantly invest in their in-house capabilities.

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Business growth

Faulkner Moulds were awarded a £20,000 PAPI grant to assist with the purchase of a new wire erosion machine.

The machine allows extreme accuracy on component parts, cutting complex shapes and forms even in tough materials. More intricate details are achievable and fine holes can be easily machined. This means that Faulkner Moulds can create new, innovative products, meet customer demands and enter new markets.

The project enabled Faulkner Moulds to expand their services and take on more contracts, therefore securing their long-term future. The new process has allowed the company to maintain their position as one of the major players in the UK tool making industry as well as create one new, full time job.

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The PAPI grant was a major help in moving Faulkner Moulds forward with the range of innovative toolmaking solutions we can offer to our customers in this highly competitive environment.

Caroline Faulkner, Faulkner Moulds