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Flemings Seals launch new products with help from a PAPI grant

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Flemings Seals and Polymers are manufacturers of engineered plastic components, working in a wide variety of sectors, including water, food & drink, oil & gas, electronic, and mining industries. The company has offered sealing solutions for over 110 years, designing and managing cost-effective quality products for their customers. Flemings produce bespoke components for each of their clients including tooling for cast and injection moulded parts and sealing solutions for manufacturing equipment. The company uses their specialist step by step onshoring program which helps the client design their components. These are produced using a variety of techniques including cast polyurethane, injection moulding, and machining.


Flemings had ambitious plans to innovate and grow the company to become a comprehensive engineering plastics solutions provider, with a broad suite of in-house capabilities to meet customer demand and provide services in the UK which were normally procured from abroad. However, their equipment did not allow for product innovation and was slowing the company’s growth. They needed to purchase machinery which would offer quality and accuracy and the speed to product large numbers.

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New products

Flemings identified the need for a state-of-the-art injection moulding machine. This new machinery would produce thinner parts, sharper edges, and products produced at higher temperatures, meaning Flemings can create more complex shapes to meet the demands of their customers whilst using less energy and lower scrap rates. Flemings applied for a PAPI grant to help with the purchase, and were awarded a grant of £18,380.

Since purchasing the machinery, Flemings have created new products to more demanding specifications, meeting the needs of their customers. The machinery has also allowed an increase in production and efficiency which has meant the company can take on contracts with quantities that they previously couldn’t manage. Flemings have also created 1.5 new jobs within the business.

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The PAPI grant allowed us to purchase essential equipment at a time when we were creating new products. The new machinery has given us the capability to take on new contracts and take the business to the next level.

Mark Kelly, Director