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Arville Textiles create a new product range with help from a PAPI grant

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Arville Textiles, based in Wetherby, have been manufacturing technical textiles since 1951. They deliver end-to-end manufacturing of engineered bespoke fabrics which are developed to perform to exacting standards for their end applications. Their products are used in over 50 countries.

Arville’s fabrics are specifically designed for commercial and industrial applications within the aerospace, defence, pharmaceutical, automotive and food industries. Their products are designed for specialist applications such as; aircraft seat suspension fabric, personal protective equipment and high performance inflatables (e.g. life rafts). Every fabric they produce is rigorously tested to ensure that they meet exceptionally high standards.


Arville continually looks to improve their processes and innovate within their industry. From early days of manufacturing industrial textiles to their current work exploring the future of ballistics and aerospace, they continually invest in new ideas and innovation. One such innovation was to invest in specialist machinery that would allow them to produce bespoke widths of materials without impacting on the efficiency of their weaving looms. This allowed Arville the opportunity to service customers with a requirement for narrower fabrics that are used in more bespoke end-applications, and allow them to win new business in price-sensitive markets that previously were not commercially viable.

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Business growth

Arville approached PAPI for a grant to help to purchase a ‘log-cutter’ machine to slit rolls of fabric. This would enable them to carry out the process in-house rather than relying on more expensive third party subcontractors with long lead-times. This would allow the business to offer bespoke products to new sectors. Arville were awarded a £7,452 grant to help to purchase the new machinery.

Since purchasing the machinery, Arville have been successful in securing new orders for their new, bespoke-width products with a number of customers, allowing them to expand in to new markets. They have also added one new job to the business. This has provided increased revenue and profitability, empowering future investment in the business and safeguarding the jobs and careers of their skilled workforce.

FYI have also worked with fellow PAPI grant recipient, Kirkstall Brewery, producing bespoke can labels and packaging.

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The PAPI grant has allowed us to invest in the machinery needed to expand our service offering into new sectors and end-applications.

Dan Jones, Head of Finance