Expression of Interest

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Contact Details

If trading address different, also state that.

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Business Details

Full time equivalent

If applicable

You must either be VAT registered, or intend to become registered.

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What is your history? What is it you do/make? Who are your customers (eg sectors, domestic v international, B2B v B2C etc)?

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Project Summary

What is the problem you are trying to solve? What do you need to overcome this problem, and how will it do that?

This must be something you are not currently producing, or such a significant improvement on a current product/service that it could be considered a new product/service

If known

If known

Please note any research & development, or feasibility work completed to date

NB we cannot support activity that has already taken place, or fund equipment you have already purchased.

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Project Equipment

Please note: Project equipment must be paid for in full before the grant funding is paid, so you will be required to have cash reserves to make the purchase. If you do not have the existing cash reserves, a bank loan (or similar) or interest-free Director loan would be admissible as a source of funding. Purchases made using third-party finance agreements are not eligible.

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Research and Development

If known

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Equal opportunities information




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